Enhance the capabilities of your own marketing and customer care systems with mGage’s enterprise-grade APIs.


Enjoy unrivaled control in managing dynamic user lists, broadcasts and on-going programs across multiple channels with our enterprise-grade REST APIs, SMPP connection or a standard file-drop all from your existing software.


Multi-channel Technology

Support complex interactions across multiple channels with greater simplicity through one platform. Channels supported include; SMS, MMS, and social app messaging (OTT), among others.


Global Reach and Location Based Services (LBS)

Reach your global customer base using 550 operators connected across our 4 messaging hubs. Increase program efficiency with location-based messages based on GPS Location, AGPS (Assisted GPS), and Cell ID.


CRM System Integration

Synchronize customer data from your back-end systems with ease (two-way) through our campaign management tool or connect via developer-friendly APIs.


Retargeting and Intelligent List Management

Deliver the right message at the right time based on behavioral data. Use this data along with other customer attributes to create and automatically maintain customer segments with Smart List functionality.


Drilldown Reporting

Report both macro and granular detail with advanced graphical views through our web-based system.


Dedicated Support

Receive round the clock support 24×7, 365 as well as a comprehensive onboarding process so you can get the most out of the technology.

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