Harness the proven power of text messaging.

mGage’s enterprise-grade SMS technology combines advanced engagement with a personalized route to a global customer base. Whatever the requirements; text response, voting, mobile coupons or SMS alert programs, mGage has a perfectly tailored solution. Leverage best-in-class SMS service that connects to consumers in their favorite channel and delivers a 1:1 mobile customer experience.


Tier 1 Connectivity

Benefit from short provisioning times, accurate data, and rapid message delivery from our direct connections to major carriers. As an industry pioneer in mobile messaging, mGage is one of a few designated Tier 1 SMS aggregators in the US that owns these direct wireless relationships and offers best-in-class quality, performance and reliability.


Global Scalable Infrastructure

Leverage mGage’s capacity to process over 3 billion messages a month, across 3 continents and over 550 operators, via 4 inter-connected global messaging hubs. Brands with multi-national audiences and high-volume interactions require this level of enterprise SMS technology and scalability regardless of where they are in the world.


Plug-and-Play FTEU Messaging

Increase customer participation and enhance your branding with mGage’s Free to End User (FTEU) capabilities. Dramatically grow opt-in lists and drive subscriber adoption by offering consumers a way to receive your SMS mobile marketing and customer care messages without incurring fees from their mobile providers.

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