RCS Messaging

We Know RCS

What are Rich Communication Services?

RCS is a mobile industry initiative to upgrade SMS for users, to provide a better, more enhanced carrier messaging experience. More than 58 carriers and manufacturers, collectively covering a subscriber base of 4.7 billion people globally, have committed to supporting a single, standard implementation of RCS. This will bring enhanced features including group chat, high-res photo sharing, read receipts, and more to carrier messaging.

What is RCS Business Messaging?

RCS Business Messaging allows brands to use Rich Communication Services (RCS) to engage with customers in more useful and dynamic messages using SMS. Companies can take advantage of rich media, interactivity, branding and better analytics to engage customers in new ways.

What are some benefits of RCS Business Messaging?

  • Conversation Branding: Companies can add a verified, human-readable name, logo and theme color to a conversation.
  • Rich Media: Images, videos and GIFs can be sent from the business to the user.
  • Suggested Replies and Actions: Bots can be programmed to present users with a series of suggested replies and actions relating to the previous message. Suggested replies provide users with a shortcut to give common responses. Users can also perform suggested actions with one touch on the screen. Supported suggested actions include: opening a URL, opening a default mapping app to a specified location, adding an event to the default calendar app or opening the default dialer with a specified number dialed in and ready to call.

How Does mGage Support RCS Business Messaging?

Google’s Early Access Program allows companies to learn more about RCS Business Messaging and be among the first brands using the technology. mGage is a messaging partner participating in the Early Access Program and can help you to better understand the potential uses of RCS Business Messaging.

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