Combine the power of texting with the accessibility of an app.

mGage’s push capabilities enable you to send and optimize mobile app push notifications across iOS and Android smartphones on a stand-alone basis or as part of an omni-channel experience. Capitalize on your mobile investment and increase the value of your app by staying top of mind with your most engaged customers.


Simple Set-up and Management

Set up and manage push programs easily with mGage’s SDK, APIs, and campaign management interface. mGage’s industry-leading mobile push notification service is powering timely and impactful interactions for mobile-savvy companies in an intuitive, easy-to-use solution.


Data-driven Personalization

As with other channels, increase engagement by delivering personalized experiences based on user behavior and location. Progressive retailers are using location-based data to push offers to customers within close proximity to their locations to drive in-store traffic and sales.


Cross-channel Engagement

Ensure customers receive the most targeted, relevant offers by adding push notifications to your customer care and marketing programs. By coordinating promotional pushes, alerts and notifications, you can reach your app subscribers across the entire customer lifecycle.