Enrich the messaging experience wherever your customers are.

mGage’s Over-the-Top (OTT) messaging capabilities enable brands to engage their customers with rich, compelling messages over their preferred OTT messaging applications. Connect with billions of customers where they are with innovative OTT messaging services that drive deeper relationships and capitalize on the massive reach of the world’s most popular messaging apps.


Rich User Experience

Enhance customer engagement with branded stickers, icons and interactive creative assets. Innovative, customer-centric brands are already capitalizing on the huge OTT opportunity by building corporate accounts that allow consumers to follow, interact and engage 1:1 with their favorite companies.


Highly Interactive

Deliver coupons, offers, and alerts to consumers at any point of the sales funnel and post-acquisition lifecycle. Provide a highly convenient channel for your customers to access and share rich content about your products and services.


Global Reach

Drive engagement and increase sales using location-specific content combined with access to billions of messaging app users across multiple social messaging apps globally. Utilize mGage’s powerful OTT messaging services to target customer segments by key profile data like gender, language and region.

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